How we helped a long-time client get an amazing price for their Delaware home … in just a few days





Just before the pandemic hit, the Goodhands decided to put their five-year-old, contemporary ranch-style home on the market in Delaware, Ont., near London.


It seemed like the right time to move. The housing market was starting to boom, prices were favourable and they just felt like they wanted to move onto another project, said Sam. 


“We had bought, sold, built and moved a bit over the years,” she said. “And we always worked with the Tusch Real Estate team to get the job done.” 


Immediately, realtor Georgia Tusch set the wheels in motion. 


She dispatched a film crew and professional photographer to capture images of the property, and posted the listing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and multi-level marketing (MLM) networks in London. 









“Within days the qualified buyers were in place and it sold for exactly what we wanted,” said Sam. 


“Georgia is like a breath of fresh air. She came in with the hunger of a new agent, yet the experience of one who has been around for decades. This was important to us. 


“She took the listing to a new level with the media coverage so that people of all ages, and on whatever platform, could find our house — making it relatable and sellable to all that saw it.” 


The process was quick, and Georgia’s expertise helped a great deal. She knew the market, acted swiftly and maximized the selling price with a unique skillset she brings to every client account.


“Selling can be a stressful time," said Sam, “and who needs the added stress of an agent not representing the house or you like you would like? She was amazing, and the Tusch team just did what was needed to be done to put us into a relaxed and yet excited state with the sale of our home.”   


Georgia has been a realtor for about 10 years, and quickly made her mark on the industry in London, St. Thomas and the surrounding community.


Her social media savvy, naturally outgoing personality, elite negotiating skills and confident demeanour have become key differentiators in a market with no lack of competition.


“We're definitely a family business, and I’ve learned a lot from my dad,” said Georgia. “But the real estate industry has changed so much in the last few years, thanks to social media and other digital platforms. 







“It's been crucial for us to adapt to those conditions in order to serve our clients in the best way possible. And to be honest, it’s something that comes naturally to me and other members of the team. We see our digital media expertise as a key differentiator from other real estate groups.” 


Georgia also has a magnetic on-camera presence that’s hard to teach. 


Her listing videos would fit comfortably within an episode of MTV Cribs, and are shot with exceptional cinematography that elevates each property in ways other realtors simply can’t.


“We’re proud of our approach, but it has a very practical purpose," said Georgia. “At the end of the day, we’re here to serve our clients. They invest so much in their homes, and they deserve to see the best possible return. We’ll do whatever it takes to deliver impeccable results.”


As a result, working with Tusch Real Estate Group has become a natural fit for the Goodhands and thousands of other clients in London, St. Thomas and rural southern Ontario.


“Bottom line is, we would always have Georgia and the Tusch team on our side when we buy our next home,” said Sam. 


To learn more about how Tusch Real Estate Group can help you sell your home for the best possible price, contact us today.